National Citizen’s Inquiry Commissioners Report

“”Ottawa: On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) released the final report of its months-long investigation into Canada’s response to COVID-19…

The Report was written by NCI’s four independent Commissioners: Chairperson Mr. Ken Drysdale, Ms. Heather DiGregorio, Ms. Janice Kaikkonen and Dr. Bernard Massie. The Report is the culmination of their efforts to:

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Jessica Rose – PhD Computational Biologist -Talking Covid, Vaccines & more with Viva Frei Live

If you have a long journey ahead this good-humoured, wide-ranging conversation between two Canadians might help.

Covid response was never about health. PCR is not a test. VAERS soaring numbers are not because we’re injecting so many. Peer review is untrustworthy. The virus was created. Finding solutions is a priority.

People are fighting their own cognitive dissonance right now… go easy on them…

Viva Frei – Seeking Truth In A World Of Disinformation

Early October, David Freiheit, Canadian lawyer, former political candidate for the People’s Party of Canada and podcaster Viva Frei

The two men1Although Zuby has identified as a woman in the past. discussed a range of topics, including…

  • ‘the other side’ seeing it like we do
  • evolution toward democratic / independent media
  • hypocrisy and selective memory
  • integrity (journalistic and other)
  • truth, lies and admissions in the time of receipts2aka videos and web archives of websites and posts
  • the compliant seeing rights as privileges and trusting government
  • gender stereotypes
  • virtue signaling is not courage (cowardice runs hand-n-hand with cancel culture)
  • power lies with the people (but conditioning prevents them seeing that)
  • demoralisation as a weapon…

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  • 1
    Although Zuby has identified as a woman in the past.
  • 2
    aka videos and web archives of websites and posts