Tipping the scales?

This time last month local radio programme, Tipp Today, broke media ranks by airing the issue of excess deaths.

At the time, Kilkenny journalist Jimmy Rhatigan (who has extensively covered the topic) complemented them in The cat is out of the bag.

Now, just yesterday, local newspaper Tipp Echo took the courageous step of reproducing Rhatigan’s piece.

Why Tipperary? Why Kilkenny?

Maybe it’s because the two neighbours, and arch-rivals in hurling, have been suffering similar fates in recent years?

Irish Central Statistics Office did not project this amount of death

“… a mortality projection produced by the CSO immediately after the 2016 census when they would have had the exact up to date age and sex profile of the population and relevant actuarial data…

The 2021 to 2023 figures (in red) are rounded estimates based on rip.ie figures as per Irelandexcessdeaths.com …

As you can see, the CSO pretty much nailed it for 2017 to 2020 (Scamdemic Year) but then things go horribly off kilter from 2021 onwards.

2021 just happens to be year the Covid 19 mRNA vaccines were rolled out…

Patrick E. Walsh

Ireland excess mortality @ 10.4% for November 2023

Phone or tablet? Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu. Desktop? Click the down arrow. Theo select Ireland to compare with EU average.

Tap on or near a dot to show that month’s info.

Ireland’s COVID inquiry

Anticipating the next pandemic

Some in the political class seem confident there will be another pandemic. Táiniste Micheál Martin for instance.

In anticipation of which he thinks the inquiry the evaluation should take it easy on those who took action during the COVID pandemic. Because fear of consequences might restrain them during the next pandemic.

Yes. The next one.

But he probably need not worry. Because…

The review is being dubbed an “Independent Pandemic Evaluation,” and will reportedly not be a statutory inquiry. This means it will not have the powers to compel witnesses to give evidence, nor will it be able to set limits on the government’s discretionary control of the inquiry. It will reportedly focus on “lessons” that can be learned from the pandemic and lockdown period.


Anticipating the lessons

At a guess the core lesson is going to be that, for the next pandemic, those acting for the greater good in the public interest need not be worried should they mislead, lie, misdirect, err, conceal, distract, omit, ignore, bully, coerce, threaten, manipulate, terrorise, deprive, incite or somehow make a whole plethora of medical, health, economic, social or human-right-infringing mistakes or judgement calls. As long as they’re applying the lessons the government the Independent Pandemic Evaluation decided were to be learned from the COVID pandemic, they’ll be fine.

JJ Couey with Wolfgang Wodarg and Viviane Fischer – Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss

A few days ago I posted the Corona Investigative Committee session with JJ Couey.

Yesterday, on his Substack, he published his own recording of that conversation – with improved sound, subtitles AND an automated transcript.1Why is a transcript a big deal? Because if you think a person said something in an interview last week, you can search the transcript in seconds instead of replaying the entire interview.

You can watch it here or on his Substack.

“… My name is Jonathan Couey and I am a recovering academic neurobiologist. I had about… a 15 or 20 year career as an academic biologist… after speaking out against measures and mandates, I was told to go home from my position at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine as a research assistant professor, and I continued to speak out against the I don’t know what I would characterize it as other than nonsense, the biological nonsense that was being characterized as a pandemic.

Full Transcript

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    Why is a transcript a big deal? Because if you think a person said something in an interview last week, you can search the transcript in seconds instead of replaying the entire interview.

UK: early heart disease deaths rise to 14-year high

Some, like checkur6, are reminding us that Dr. John Campbell convinced many to take a harmful product – despite evidence of harm being available at that time. Evidence he either refused to seek out or believe.

Having fallen for the charade myself for about a year, I can’t bring myself to judge.

But whatever amount of harms and deaths Dr. John Campbell might have contributed to, at least now he’s highlighting excess deaths

The chart for Ireland in his video

The Sickest I’ve Ever Been

An analogy for personal experience as evidence of novelty

“A couple of years ago, I boarded a deep sea fishing boat for 3-hour excursion.

Winds were moderate and the water rough.

Within the first 10 minutes, motion sickness set in. I knew the boat couldn’t turn around and that I’d made a huge mistake in a) drinking a lot of coffee beforehand, and b) not taking Dramamine.

It was the worst 3 hours of vomiting in my life—indeed, the worst 24 hours of illness I’ve ever experienced. I said, out loud, numerous times, “I am going to die.” When dolphins were leaping out of the water, I couldn’t even look

I puked in the car ride back to the beach house, at the house, and several times throughout the night. I feel nauseous right now just thinking about that day.

I wasn’t the only one who got sick on the trip. All but a few passengers – one a cadet at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and another my ten-year-old daughter – barfed at least once. The crew were fine (of course).

Needless to say, based on my then-new experience being on a vessel smaller than a cruise ship many miles from the coastline, I can’t recommend anyone go on deep sea fishing trip. Certainly not on a windy-ish day with choppy seas.

But, what if I said that there was something unique and unusual about the ocean waters that day? Or insisted the boat had a design that spiked the propensity of passengers to retch over the rails? Or argued that the captain must have been navigating in a negligent manner, or drunk, and needs his license taken away? All because I WAS THE SICKEST I’VE EVER BEEN AND OTHER PEOPLE WERE REALLY SICK TOO, DARN IT!

What would you say to me?

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John Beaudoin – exposing death cert fraud and using terms like ‘kill’ and ‘murder’

“Systems Engineer & Analyst, John Beaudoin, Sr., delves into his recent testimony before the New Hampshire Senate where he shared the extensive data he has gathered from death certificates, revealing a concerning surge in blood and circulatory-related deaths aligning with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout… through cross referencing of data sets, Beaudoin was able to match death certificates to VAERS reports from those who died after a COVID-19 vaccine… exposing a disturbing trend of fraudulent coding on death certificates to conceal the true impact of vaccine-related fatalities.


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Young Hearts 47

Who are the real heroes?

“Who are still pushing the virus, pcr, early treatments etc.?
Who were talking up lockdowns, masks and the jabs to their audiences, when it mattered? and then came out against it after their audience had largely taken it?
Who never got cancelled nor missed a pay cheque?
Who won’t defend or even talk about those who were cancelled, villified and stripped of their livelihood, and petition for their reinstatement?
There are globalists pretending to be the good guys, jockeying themselves for positions at what could be the alternative to the WEF/UN, They even had the audacity to brand themselves as the dream team.


NOTE: if you are affected by horror movie / zombie images, it might be wise to stop watching after 16:00

Irish interest

  • @ 8:12 Derek O’Connor’s life saved by GAA rival


“Nothing was spreading”

Professor Denis Rancourt on deaths in Ireland

“… graph on all-cause mortality in Ireland from 2018 to present day which shows the first major spike around April 2020. Rancourt puts these deaths down to official assaults on vulnerable people, like ventilators and end-of -life protocols at a time of visitor restrictions at hospitals and nursing homes.

“The proof that it cannot be due to a virus is the following. Everywhere that it occurs around the world, it is synchronous, it happens at the same time immediately after the pandemic is announced. So the virus is waiting for a political announcement that there is a pandemic and then it’s going out and killing people right away”.

Aisling O’Loughlin

Aisling O’Loughlin: Rumble, Substack | DenisRancourt.ca | Correlation-Canada.org

JJ Couey with the Corona Investigative Committee

(Better sound quality, but no visuals of Fischer or Wodarg here).

The “recovering academic” used to work in a university lab – until he objected to the COVID nonsense.

On Friday he shared his insights into, and understanding of, the big picture with the committee.

Especially heartening to witness his warm exchange with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

Sage Hana was impressed too: Wolfgang Wodarg and JJ Couey Ask the Right Questions

GigaohmBiological.com | my archive of Couey’s livestreams