Dying suddenly in sleep or from a run

Today Dr. Jessica Rose published a Substack outlining the role of adrenaline in triggering sudden deaths post-covid-injections.. Especially when it rises during:

– exercise or
– sleep (naturally, 3:00-6:00am).

Two punch knock-out: shot-induced heart scarring and adrenaline

The connection between the shots and the adrenals

As part of bio-distribution and accumulation studies, it was discovered that the LNPs1Lipid Nanoparticles traffic to and accumulate at high concentrations in the adrenal glands. They stopped measuring after 48 hours and it is unknown if the concentrations would have kept increasing…

So the question becomes, what are the effects of this? Could the adrenals become dysfunctional and produce undesirable adrenaline surges? … I can’t think of a reason why some kind of ‘disturbance’ to ‘normal functioning’ wouldn’t ensue. It would be like throwing a bunch of sand into a dough mixture, wouldn’t it? The bread wouldn’t work.

Dr. Jessica Rose

What is VAERS2Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System saying?

I looked in VAERS for ‘Adrenal insufficiency’, ‘Dysautonomia’, and ‘Autonomic nervous system imbalance’ and ‘Cortisol decreased’ found 3,332 reports.

… when the counts are normalized to shot administration number per age group, it is interesting how the 18-24 age group has the highest frequency of reports per 100,000 doses. And yes, I know. The numbers are tiny. But the pattern is there.

Dr. Jessica Rose
“AE” = Adverse Events. “CDC” = Center for Disease Control

Read in full on her Substack.

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    Lipid Nanoparticles
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    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

“If he didn’t take a vaccine he would be alive today” – Dr Peter McCullough

On the eve of the Joseph McGinty inquest decision, Louise Rosengrave recaps the testimonies. Including that of Dr. Peter McCullough.

Dr McCullough examined the details of Joseph McGinty’s autopsy and said the findings are consistent with multi-system inflammation disorder, which is a fatal condition. In contrast to the second opinion offered as evidence to the inquest into Joseph’s death, Dr McCullough does not find Addison’s Disease a credible cause of death, since, he said, it does not cause inflammation.*

The Texas based medic specializes in the management of post-covid 19 syndromes and injuries.

Before delving into his commentary, it’s worth considering the evidence again.

… Sunday marks the two year anniversary of the teen’s vaccination, on August 20 2021…

Louise Rosengrave

Remembering Three Young Cyclists From a Single Belgian Team Who Were Suddenly Afflicted With Severe Heart Problems Shortly After Receiving the Covid Vaccine

Bronny James’s cardiac arrest has again raised the issue of how rare or frequent cardiac injury is in the aftermath of receiving an mRNA vaccine, especially among young males. Last Tuesday was the two-year anniversary of an incident during a bicycle race in Belgium, which might have already settled the issue had it been more widely known.

On August 15th, 2021, Yarno van Herck… began having shooting pains in his chest during a junior-division race in the Flemish town of Vorselaar… was 15 years old at the time. Two days earlier, he had received a first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Dramatic footage of the young cyclist in obvious distress and incapable of responding to a reporter’s questions can be viewed here from the Flemish regional broadcaster RTV…

According to the team’s sporting director Jef Robert, three weeks before the Vorselaar incident, van Herck’s then 17 year-old teammate, Joppe Erpels, developed severe heart problems one day after a race and likewise just two days after being vaccinated against COVID-19…

A third team member, Xander Verhagen, developed heart problems while training just one day after being administered a COVID-19 vaccine…

Robert Kogon, The Daily Sceptic

“An extra 13,900 lives lost in Ireland since 2021”

There’s a leafleting campaign starting in Ireland. You can help by spreading the word. Or maybe spreading the leaflet. Info below (copied from RIPcounties.ie)

Speaking in Dáil Éireann on July 11th, An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar dismissed excess deaths as an issue of concern – despite previously acknowledging in February there had been an increase (see videos here).

So it is good to see this new group using official General Register Office (GRO) and RIP.ie data to determine, in near real-time, the amount of excess deaths occurring in Ireland.

We hope you will spread the word about them – and print and share their leaflet. It is designed for home printing in either A4 single-sided or A5 double-sided format.

Their launch statement:

A Message Of Concern For Ireland

Who Are We? 

We are a collective, united by our shared concern for the well-being of our communities and by our interest in statistics. Free from political or corporate affiliations, our sole purpose is the pursuit of truth, especially concerning public health data. 

Why This Initiative? 

From the start of 2021, many of us began to notice more deaths than usual within our personal circles. Yet, without up-to-date data from official channels like the General Register Office and Central Statistics Office, we could not be sure. So, to bridge this gap, we developed a method to analyze excess deaths using RIP.ie, a website which catalogues over 99% of Irish deaths. 

Our Mission 

To provide the Irish public with accurate information about excess deaths, hoping to encourage informed debate, discussion and conversation. We aim to empower people to seek transparency and comprehensive investigations into rising death rates. 

How Can You Help? 

• Distribute the leaflet: attached are PDF leaflets designed for both colour and black-and-white printing. They can be printed as A4 single-sided or A5 double-sided. Share them in your community, at your workplace and/or with family and friends. You can also use the PDFs to order copies from your printing shop.  

• Be Considerate: many have faced trauma during these times. If distributing or talking about the leaflet, do so with care and gentleness. Allow people time to read, research and reach their own conclusions. 

• Support The Cause: As well as distributing the leaflet, you can support by volunteering or contributing to printing and delivery costs. Contact us through www.IrelandExcessDeaths.com

Our goal is for each person in Ireland to be informed, engaged, and empowered to make a difference. We believe we can achieve this together.

More on: IrelandExcessDeaths.com | Twitter | Telegram | TikTok

Breaking: Dr. Meryl Nass Sues Maine Medical Board Over Suspension, Alleges Board Violated Her First Amendment Rights

Dr. Meryl Nass today filed suit against the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine and its individual members, alleging the board violated her First Amendment rights and her rights under the Maine Constitution.

Brenda Baletti, Ph.D., Children’s Health Defense

My complaint has been filed

Dr. Meryl Nass

Why centralisation is a disaster and threatens us all

Centralisation requires suppressing knowledge, learning, creativity, innovation and growth. It also assumes our complex world can be understood with, and managed by, simple models and one-size-fits-all policies.

Speaking with Ivor Cummins at the end of July, Nick Hudson discusses the dangerous effects of these fundamental flaws.

Pandata.org | Ivor Cummins (Odysee)

Patrick E Walsh: Eurostat figures

Co. Kilkenny accountant Patrick E Walsh breaks down the Eurostat monthly excess death figures for Ireland which point to a worrying trend since the roll-out of the experimental vaccines.

Aisling O’Loughlin News

More about the Eurostat tool here. There’s also a simpler version on Eurostat (click “Excess Mortality” graphic).

Well done to these people: IrelandExcessDeaths.com

“It’s like a bomb went off… then it goes away”

Thanks to the cryptic Sage Hana for bringing Jessica Hockett to my attention. Her recent chat with JJ Couey is littered with pertinent questions. Sage highlighted a few…

If the novel respiratory virus is killing people like crazy, shouldn’t it have been preceded by the ER1Emergency Room death numbers?

… Where were all the bodies?

27,000? Huh? The freezer trucks were not full, no matter what Donald2Donald Trump said. The hospitals were not full.

Why didn’t the same pathogen wipe out people in other cities at the same “smart bomb” rate. 247% increase across all ages?


Sage Hana

Issues with embedded video? Watch on Twitch.

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    Donald Trump

29th July is ‘World Ivermectin Day’

So I thought I’d share some of its recent history as recounted by Dr. Meryl Nass. It is a dark and disturbing story which…

“… requires people to take a huge leap in order to understand the world we live in.  Many don’t have the fortitude to dissect their world view and rebuild it in accord with the facts that have spilled out over the last two years… It might require a stiff drink, or perhaps some chocolate.  Whatever it takes, read on, as it might save your life or someone else’s….” Dr. Meryl Nass.

First came the Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine suppression

In 2020, I compiled a list of over 50 ways authorities and pharma companies in multiple countries stopped the use of the chloroquine drugs for COVID…

… here’s the kicker:  the authorities knew all about chloroquine and other treatments for COVID before there was a COVID… because they had figured it out for the 2003 SARS epidemic and the 2012 MERS epidemic, both caused by related coronaviruses.  But they hushed it up.

Then Ivermectin appeared on the horizon

… some people knew it was likely to work in early 2020, because the French MedInCell company, supported by Bill Gates, was working on an injectable version of ivermectin for COVID, which could be patented. The company issued a press release about this on April 6, 2020 and an informational paper on April 23, 2020. There was a brief run on the veterinary drug at this time in the US… But there was not a lot of buzz and sales did not take off at that time…

Continue reading 29th July is ‘World Ivermectin Day’

ThinkLocal event cancelled

So truth didn’t get talked about

… in this follow-up conversation with Dr. Gerard Casey,1see second video we talk about the importance of truth-telling in a world plagued by propaganda and indoctrination, where thousands of United Nations’ Digital First Responders hunt down every dissonant voice on the digital steppe and social media algorithms identify and inhibit all so-called fake news (which usually turns out to be truth a little bit later). Truth-telling, as an act of speech, is the opposite of propaganda and it also reverses its effects. It is the ultimate remedy for the major symptom of our society – mass formation and totalitarianism. And it not only addresses the symptom, it also removes the root cause: the widespread loneliness and disconnectedness of modern man. Truth-telling is resonating speech, and as such is is what truly connects human beings and the basis of all truly humane living together…

Mattias Desmet

Who dunnit?

… I was in Mullingar to attend the scene of a crime. A two-day Think Local festival lay in ruins thanks to the persistence of Leah Doherty and her small tribe of alphabet spaghetti warriors. This is no targeted outing of hidden forces by me. She’s been on a bragging spree ever since the news came to light…

… I was forced to pay her a grudging respect…

The West’s Awake

ThinkLocal.ie | Mattias Desmet | West’s Awake

The Death of Medicine

An Interview with Dr. Richard Amerling

Former member of America’s Frontline Doctors discusses the influences that are destroying medicine. He also outlines how The Wellness Company are helping create an alternative, parallel system. Sure, it’s a plug. But which kind of doctor would you want caring for you: pharma- and admin-controlled or independent and clinically guided?

When covid struck, he pulled together for his country to volunteer on the frontlines of New York City. When the vaccine mandates came, he resisted and was terminated from his teaching position.

In this interview with Dr. Richard Amerling, we discuss the death of modern medicine, the failures of public health and everything in between.


One Health, holistic medicine, and the poisoning of minds

Writing for PANDA, David Bell reveals the dangers lurking behind the ‘One Health’ concept – and what those who espouse it have in mind for us.

… medical journal Lancet explained the ideology of those driving the One Health cult in January 2023: 

All life is equal, and of equal concern”, 

and further: 

“One Health will be delivered in countries … by taking a fundamentally different approach to the natural world, one in which we are as concerned about the welfare of non-human animals and the environment as we are about humans.

In its truest sense, One Health is a call for ecological, not merely health, equity.” 

The narrative, and its intent, are clear. Those pushing it envision a world in which any lifeform is considered intrinsically of equal worth to others. If you must choose between your daughter and a rat, the choice should weigh the probability of the survival of each, or assess which may do the least harm to other lifeforms after being saved.

Within this ‘equitable’ worldview, humans become a pollutant… Humans become a plague upon the earth, and their restriction, impoverishment and death may therefore be justified for a greater good.

It is difficult for people to grasp that this is a guiding ideology of public figures, as it runs counter to most human moral systems or Natural Law. People therefore consider this a misrepresentation of what is intended. If this is you, go back and read those quotes, and read more widely. We must understand the ideology driving this movement, as they intend that we should follow their dictates, and they intend to indoctrinate our children…

We tend to think such changes cannot happen in free and rational societies. To be convinced, we might need solid evidence of real totalitarian control. If we experienced mandated population-wide injections, people banned from visiting loved ones, or body-armoured police shooting at crowds and beating up old ladies for not wearing masks, whilst those promoting such policies lived and travelled freely, then we might start to wonder whether our preconceptions regarding society were wrong. At that time, we might start to believe that some in authority don’t really have our best interests at heart.

Exposing a cult

Evil is not defeated by hiding from it. It is fought by exposing the ideology that drives it – the greed, the lies and the deceit. We should not be overwhelmed by the scale and depth of wrongdoing. It may now be global but the people running it are as empty as those in past times, seeing the subjugation of others as the only way to address their internal inadequacies. Many more go along for the ride, doing their bidding to secure careers and pensions. This is normal, and has been faced before.

In the end, mad ideologues collapse under the weight of their own deceit and the shallowness of their dogmas. The earth-mother religion of a corrupted One Health and the feudalist ambitions of its priests will be no different. We should not fear public health or a holistic view of the world. They are ours and can be a force for good. Rather, we should expose the hollowness of the people who would subvert them, driven by their own greed and barren ideologies.

David Bell (PANDA)

Worth reading in full.