The Red Line with Dr. Robert Malone

Candace Owens interviews the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.

They cover it all. Vaccine damage. Censorship. Mass Formation. “Street smarts vs academic smarts”. Psyops. World Economic Forum. Harmonised media. Mandates. Coercion. Athletes suddenly dropping. Intentional misdirection by officials. 17,000 physicians and scientists calling out crimes against humanity. The Fauci emails. WHO’s second largest funder.1Medically unqualified Bill Gates. Masks causing IQ drops in children. Robert F Kennedy.

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    Medically unqualified Bill Gates.

The Time Is Now Movie

Dr. Ben Tapper, a small town chiropractor in Idaho, has been black labeled as a member of the “Disinformation Dozen” – apparently likely responsible for many COVID-19 deaths.

Using a powerful combination of logic, evidence, investigation and expert insight this movie dismantles and exposes the key aspects of the official narrative.

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by Kayla Henry

Meaning: boldness or freedom of speech.1Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I wrote this poem to encourage independent thinking. Mainstream media pushes fear and avoids delving deeper into major issues. We deserve the truth, and we owe it to ourselves to take the time to find it. Censorship and propaganda are driving us further away from Freedom, Free Speech, Peace, Independence…It doesn’t just stop at Covid-19.

“Parrhesia” is a poem about governments and media manipulating us for profit. It is also about how fear is used to control the unaware, and how our emotions blind us from the reality that is right in front of us. Patterns throughout history depict authorities controlling the way information is (or isn’t) delivered to different groups in order to get what they want from them: Book burning, censored and selective education, language barriers, emotional manipulation, financial incentives…

We can’t point the finger at one evil genius behind a curtain… but we can see millions (if not billions) of misinformed people with good intentions falling victim to their inability to look at information critically.

We all want what is best for ourselves, our families and loved ones, and yet we do not take the time to find the truth.

Kayla Henry, May 1st, 2021

Read Parrhesia on her website. Other Kayla Henry links.

A Letter to Andrew Hill

One year on and there’s still something in the way of ivermectin.

Despite plenty of evidence it reduces hospitalisations and deaths – especially when combined in ‘protocols’ with other medications and/or supplements, Ivermectin is still not officially approved.

One of the main contributors to this situation is Dr. Andrew Hill’s paper of January 2021.

Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory are still calling out that paper…

… and offering forgiveness.

Will he retract it?


Because he knows he’ll be out of a job. After all we live in a world where going against public health diktats gets you branded a terrorist threat and truth telling gets you fired.

But if he did he’d save lives by enabling cheap, safe and effective treatment of Covid. He’d also spare more adults and children from the dangerous1Just how dangerous is becoming clear from insurance company data (see here, here and here), analyses of trial data (see here) and anecdotally (see here, here and here). Covid injections.

He’d also likely save us from totalitarianism.

How so?

The main reason the injections are being pushed on, and accepted and adopted by the public is that an emergency was declared – and that emergency could not have been declared if an effective intervention was known to exist and had been deployed.

Lockdowns and other (medically useless) measures like masks, distancing, testing and isolating healthy people couldn’t have been justified either.

Nor the passing of emergency laws that increase government and police infringement on our human rights, create two-tier societies and are help usher in a bio-security totalitarian way of life.2Here’s yet another example confirming this is not about health.

I wouldn’t like to be Andrew Hill.

But if I was, and I’d been offered forgiveness, I’d gladly accept it.

The day before the Letter To Andrew Hill was published Dr. Lawrie shared the background to it with Del Bigtree of The Highwire. You can watch that interview here.

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    Just how dangerous is becoming clear from insurance company data (see here, here and here), analyses of trial data (see here) and anecdotally (see here, here and here).
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    Here’s yet another example confirming this is not about health.

I’m not the only one with sleep difficulties

Tommy, Dr. Jessica Rose and Matthew Crawford seem to struggling too… and no wonder.

The data from the VAERS1Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System; summarised here, EU and UK2Yellow Card; summarised here systems are clearly showing the ‘vaccine’ is killing and injuring like no other medical product. Then there’s the World Economic Forum plans for us and what Artificial Intelligence might do.

Sleeping issues should be expected.

Laughter, probably not.

But it might help.

  • 1
    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System; summarised here
  • 2
    Yellow Card; summarised here

Buck The CDC

Not my title, but the title given by Governor Ron DeSantis himself.

February 24th, he and Surgeon General Joe Ladapo put out guidance which gives me hope:1Dr. Robert Malone welcomes the approach too.

  • against employees being forced to mask
  • supporting doctors in prescribing off-label drugs
  • reducing the suggested isolation period for daycare and students – based on common sense and science (not PCR tests!)
  • discouraging the creation of a two-tier society that marginalises people based on occupation and/or vaccination status.

So one of the things we want to do … is provide the most up to date, sound guidance that’s actually grounded in the data and in the evidence that we’ve accumulated over these last nearly two years. Simply relying on outdated CDC guidance, when the experience has completely undercut that, is not really a reasonable thing to do at this point.

Gov Ron DeSantis

Florida is the Land of the Free and I wish there was more and I hope more States take the same path. But we are gonna stay free in Florida.

SG Joe Ladapo

Watch the ten minute announcement here.

Three vaccine injured people…

… Angelia Desselle, Shawn Skelton and mother of 6 year old Milo discuss their injuries with double-jabbed Steve Kirsch on a Vaccine Safety Research Foundation weekly call.

The earlier minutes also give some background on how Steve Kirsch and Dr. Robert Malone both ‘woke up’ at around the same time.

A Substack by Dr. Pierre Kory is also mentioned. Here it is. He points out the CDC are now, finally, encouraging early treatment for Covid-19… just when some new, expensive drugs come out.

Now 745 heart attacks, 477 dead…

… according to the ever-growing, regularly updated Good Sciencing page.1Wayback snapshot.

Readers are writing to us asking for comparisons from previous years. Some say without that, these results mean nothing. That’s not true because if we had seen this in previous years, it would be well known and others would have documented it. We are starting to work on this – it is a lot of work.

Where are the fact-checkers? Where is the mainstream media? Some have piles of money from Bill Gates. Why are they not proving us wrong by all piling on and showing the documented Athlete deaths from 2019, 2018, 2017 and the previous decade?

They are nowhere to be found because this number of athlete deaths is abnormal and they know it. They have money from people who don’t want journalists poking around. So that’s why they don’t try to thoroughly Fact-Check these reports or show previous year numbers.

Good Sciencing