Net Present Value

The Safe and Effective™ is so safe that governments are running schemes to pay off your relatives if you die from the Safe and Effective™…

In order to qualify for one of these paltry payouts you have to persuade a doctor (who will risk getting struck off for signing your form) to sign your form. And you know that it isn’t the manufacturer of the Safe and Effective™ who is underwriting this scheme, don’t you? It’s you. The taxpayer. The public. The very people that funded the Safe and Effective™. The manufacturers are paying zip, and can’t be sued (until they can be shown to have committed fraud)…

Do you get it yet?

Dr. Ah Kahn Syed1Pseudonym. Previously @arkmedic on twitter. MD PhD.

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    Pseudonym. Previously @arkmedic on twitter. MD PhD.

Roy Butler inquest delayed

Roy Butler (23) from Waterford died five days post Janssen vaccine.117th Aug, 2021 The Janssen vaccine is the ‘one shot’ Covid 19 vaccine manufactured by Johnson and Johnson.

The process of preparing an inquest into his death requires specific information from Janssen but this has not been forthcoming…

It is unlikely the inquest will be held, before Coroner Phillip Comyn, until 2023 at the earliest.

Louise Roseingrave

Young Texans are Dying at Unprecedented Rates

Since the mRNA Experiment Began

But don’t worry.

It’s just another one of a few hundred similar statistical coincidences.

… Same time period, same state, same cohort. Twice as many excess deaths after the introduction of a novel, still experimental medical intervention.

… even more weird is that the weekly excess deaths only really spike in mid-July, almost exactly 5 months after the experiment begins and follow a remarkably similar distribution pattern

Joel Smalley

(Note: He didn’t remark on it but Smalley’s Texas chart also shows the same ‘trending upwards and not returning to baseline’ pattern that has been highlighted by others).

Steve Kirsch cites several others who have also found time-lag patterns (in both US and UK data).

Just more coincidences. Nothing to see here.

Scotland: excess baby deaths investigation

I don’t like linking to platforms that endanger lives by censoring data and medical opinion. But I’m not aware of Dr. John Campbell publishing anywhere else… and this info needs to get out.

(Plus, in my humble opinion, this is a masterful display of how to communicate without tripping the censorship algorithms. Wonder if they’ll start censoring silence, tone-of-voice and/or facial expressions next?!)

Watch on YouTube

Here’s what he wrote in the video description:

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In memory of those who “died suddenly”… worldwide, October 10-October 17

Mark Crisin Miller’s team is still keeping record.

Here’s the latest compilation.

UK and Ireland deaths are linked to halfway down the page.

Musicians in the US (4), Haiti, Colombia, Brazil, Ireland, Germany & Romania; fatal “vaxxidents” in US (4), Mexico, Brazil, Argentina (2), UK, Germany (2), Romania, Spain & the Philippines (3); & more

Mark Crispin Miller

Young Hearts 25

Uncharted Waters (Pfizer confirms)

Pfizer made a stunning admission this week in an EU Parliament that they did ‘no testing for transmission’, before releasing it onto the market.
Dr Birx recently admitted that she “knew it wouldn’t stop transmission” and they “overplayed the vaccine”
Barack Obama stated in April 2022 that “we’ve now essentially clinically tested (chuckle) the vaccine on billions of people worldwide”

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Young Hearts 24

10 days of carnage (100 in 10 days)

… a compilation of 100+ news articles from the past 10 days leading up to 7th October 2022, of young people who have either died suddenly, had serious heart issues or severe adverse complications.
These are only the ones who make the news.

Waterford @ 01:30 | Fermanagh @ 4:30 | Kilkenny @ 6:55.

EDIT: Loretta Lynn doesn’t belong in this video as she was elderly. It was a production error. The Young Hearts series and other checkur6 videos are intended to present young ‘injured’ people. E.g. The video ‘A YEAR OF ATHLETES COLLAPSING – 769 SPORTS RELATED INCIDENCES – TO MARCH 2022’ is a compilation of 769 Athletes, with an average age of 23 years old.


FDA to Vax Injured: We Got Nothin’

Mid-September: twenty people travelled from a dozen states to Washington D.C. to ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for help. 

Two had lost sons, 16 and 34 years old, soon after their shots. Three were in wheelchairs, including a girl, 14. A surgeon, nurse practitioner, teacher, and most others can no longer work. Once healthy and fit, many had been eager to be vaccinated.

They got a one hour Zoom call to their hotel conference room with the top vaccine official in the United States – Peter Marks.

Seems what he said amounted to:

… “Thank you so much for sharing”

“We don’t have any secrets here,” he continued. “Our goal is to make the public understand the benefits and risks of these vaccines.”

Just how FDA is doing that was left unclear…

Mary Beth Pfeiffer
source: Trial Site News

Steve Kirsch says they’re ignoring the risks

Like those


picked up in his survey

see also: Steve Kirsch

Justice For The Vaccinated

The Vax Justice Bus

… will finish its 10-day public tour of British Colombia tomorrow outside the College of Physicians & Surgeons in Vancouver.

After which it will be much harder for Canadian doctors (who seem to be dying in unusual ways and clusters these days) and their governing body to, credibly, say they didn’t know.

Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Stephen Malthouse – two of many Canadian vilified for upholding the Hippocratic oath and warning about the Covid injections, are on the bus.

Along with VaxJustice co-founder Cris Vleck, they gave an interview on about their journey – and why they’re doing it.

… the Covid-19 pandemic and the related vaccination program represents the biggest crime ever foisted on the people of this world.

It is such a vast conspiracy that it defies credulity, which is in large part how they were able to execute their plan. | |

Is Not Science

… my dad… suffered a cardiac arrest and a sudden cardiac death at home…

… extra 14,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in 2021 versus 2020, so, post vaccine rollout…

… my own social circle, at least half-a-dozen people unexpectedly suffered sudden cardiac death within weeks to months of having the vaccine…

… the original Pfizer trial… there is a smoking gun… there were four cardiac arrests in the vaccine group versus one in the placebo…

… people aged between 16 and 39 there was a 25 per cent increase in either heart attacks or cardiac arrests.

… my duty is to patients and to scientific integrity, and to the truth.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

October 1: Virginia Covid Management Public Forum

Really, nothing says “Trust The Science” like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years…

We’re now looking at the data – and it’s horrific.

Dr. Paul Marik (23:00)

Dr. Sheila Furey started the event by recapping the approach of Virginian authorities and highlighting their absence. She then introduced Dr. Paul Marik (16:10).

Dr. Paul Marik summarised the medical tyranny and the health catastrophe resulting from its lies. For example the 6.8% of the Covid-jabbed experiencing side-effects and trial participant Maddie de Garay‘s paralysis.

Dr. Robert Malone, introduced at 1:01:15, provided insight into the thinking of those pushing the injections. Also the distinction between natural and modified RNA; and the platform and the payload it’s delivering.

Q&A began at 1:59:40. Then from 2:18:00 on we heard from:

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Safe And Effective: A Second Opinion – on The Highwire

Last Thursday Del Bigtree spoke with double-jabbed vaccine advocate Dr. Aseem Malhotra (5:00-45:00) about his realising the harms of the Covid injections and involvement in the documentary.

Then, after The Jaxen Report, he featured the former Sky News executive who directed the documentary – Mark Sharman (from 1:27:54), before playing the movie itself (from 1:41:15).

Skip to the part that interests you Or choose from a segment on the the episode’s page.

Youngest Hearts 1

Children dying at alarming rates

The following is a documented compilation of school aged boys and girls (under 18s) who have been injured, collapsed or died from the experimental therapy – from March 2021 to Sept 2022.

People have suggested putting these type of news clips on posters to circulate around cities. So if you have the resources to do that, let me know and I can send you all the screenshots (2000+) I have from this year and last. It should save you a lot of time and make the task less daunting. Design and get 1 poster printed as a prototype and petition others to help fund the printing and with the distribution.