Coincidences mean nothing.

Haslemere, England…

  • 2017/8: scene of an asymptomatic Patient Zero in the BBCs data-gathering virus simulation programme “Pandemic”
  • 2020: first official case of COVID in UK.

Lots of other amazing prescient coincidences around this programme and presenter Hannah Fry. (Of course, as mere coincidences, they are not evidence of conspiracy nor would they have had any effect in conditioning viewers for real life situations).

Tracking apps, data gathering, masks, distancing, school closures, limiting gatherings, isolation, responsibility, vaccines… oh, and the programmes mathematical team1… with Neil Ferguson in the near background and their work were involved in, and influenced UK national policy in the ‘real’ pandemic!

The following two videos lay it all out:

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  • 1
    … with Neil Ferguson in the near background

If they were interested in truth…

… wouldn’t they ask her how she came to believe what she believes?

December 2021. Remember the furore back then about this clearly racially-motivated attack by two white supremacists?1Sarcasm. Me neither.

Perhaps news of the outcry and the valiant efforts to protect this victim of racism never made it into my echo chamber?

Watch it here.

But before you do… this November 2021 video2Hugo Talks will clue you in for when she mentions Waterford, Ireland:

Athletes continue to drop…

… but it seems the penny still hasn’t with the wider public.

Probably because, like Mattias Desmet says, they are under a kind of hypnosis which is called ‘mass formation’ – a collective state which fosters the emergence of totalitarian regimes.

Media, politicians, scientists, doctors, nurses, police and others with duty of care to the public not investigating these injuries and deaths1So groups are forming to do so. Like Good Sciencing. are helping sustain the trance… and allowing this continue.

It’s important those of us aware of what’s going on speak out as best we can. Because our silence also allows it continue.

Source/credit: Hugo Talks

Get jabbed or starve

In yet another example of “not forcing you, just taking everything away until you comply”… Canadians are now being told by their leaders that it’s ok to deprive other people of food.

No doubt some who have already taken the officially sanctioned gene therapy will offer to shop for the unjabbed. That might seem kind. But wouldn’t it have been kinder to stand in solidarity with the unjabbed before it came to this? Or at least NOW boycott those venues implementing the governments wishes?

Because, when you consider how government policy is to clearly to force injections on everyone, if there isn’t massive pushback and non-compliance NOW it won’t be long until helping the unjabbed will be deemed a criminal act.

How many currently offering to shop for the unjabbed will risk the government approved shaming, fines and prosecution?

Very few I would imagine.

The fans too!

It’s not just the players, the fans too are collapsing. Not going to get much coverage though (heck, the collapse of the players themselves barely gets a mention).

“There are a number of these incidences at the moment, aren’t there? That is for sure”

Remember this from back in October? No? Hmmm… maybe it didn’t make it through your mainstream medias pro-vaccine filters?