Coincidences mean nothing.

Haslemere, England…

  • 2017/8: scene of an asymptomatic Patient Zero in the BBCs data-gathering virus simulation programme “Pandemic”
  • 2020: first official case of COVID in UK.

Lots of other amazing prescient coincidences around this programme and presenter Hannah Fry. (Of course, as mere coincidences, they are not evidence of conspiracy nor would they have had any effect in conditioning viewers for real life situations).

Tracking apps, data gathering, masks, distancing, school closures, limiting gatherings, isolation, responsibility, vaccines… oh, and the programmes mathematical team1… with Neil Ferguson in the near background and their work were involved in, and influenced UK national policy in the ‘real’ pandemic!

The following two videos lay it all out:

Archive links: BBC show page | Model for show.

Credit to Pighooey for the sleuthing!2And HugoTalks for highlighting. Here’s a follow-up video she released January this year:

  • 1
    … with Neil Ferguson in the near background
  • 2
    And HugoTalks for highlighting.

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