“If he didn’t take a vaccine he would be alive today” – Dr Peter McCullough

On the eve of the Joseph McGinty inquest decision, Louise Rosengrave recaps the testimonies. Including that of Dr. Peter McCullough.

Dr McCullough examined the details of Joseph McGinty’s autopsy and said the findings are consistent with multi-system inflammation disorder, which is a fatal condition. In contrast to the second opinion offered as evidence to the inquest into Joseph’s death, Dr McCullough does not find Addison’s Disease a credible cause of death, since, he said, it does not cause inflammation.*

The Texas based medic specializes in the management of post-covid 19 syndromes and injuries.

Before delving into his commentary, it’s worth considering the evidence again.

… Sunday marks the two year anniversary of the teen’s vaccination, on August 20 2021…

Louise Rosengrave