Remembering Three Young Cyclists From a Single Belgian Team Who Were Suddenly Afflicted With Severe Heart Problems Shortly After Receiving the Covid Vaccine

Bronny James’s cardiac arrest has again raised the issue of how rare or frequent cardiac injury is in the aftermath of receiving an mRNA vaccine, especially among young males. Last Tuesday was the two-year anniversary of an incident during a bicycle race in Belgium, which might have already settled the issue had it been more widely known.

On August 15th, 2021, Yarno van Herck… began having shooting pains in his chest during a junior-division race in the Flemish town of Vorselaar… was 15 years old at the time. Two days earlier, he had received a first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Dramatic footage of the young cyclist in obvious distress and incapable of responding to a reporter’s questions can be viewed here from the Flemish regional broadcaster RTV…

According to the team’s sporting director Jef Robert, three weeks before the Vorselaar incident, van Herck’s then 17 year-old teammate, Joppe Erpels, developed severe heart problems one day after a race and likewise just two days after being vaccinated against COVID-19…

A third team member, Xander Verhagen, developed heart problems while training just one day after being administered a COVID-19 vaccine…

Robert Kogon, The Daily Sceptic

Ed Dowd: ‘They Can’t Run From This Data’

… Disability claims are on the rise… “If it’s not the vaccine, what is it?” asks Ed Dowd…

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In Surprise Reversal, NIH To Hand Over Communications Between Agency And People Injured By COVID Shots

Yuri Nunes, Ph.D.

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Hearing from the vaccine injured

Amputee Alex Mitchell and POTS1Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome – racing heart upon change of body posture sufferer John Watt both featured in “Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion“.

They spoke recently with Norman Fenton about life with their COVID-19 vaccine-injuries.

What is clear from the interview is that the Government and Pharma funded campaign to ensure that the main stream media silenced any news of vaccine injuries was extremely effective and ultimately deadly… Alex and John felt they were doing their duty in taking the vaccine and were unaware of any of the voices of those either warning of the dangers or discussing actual injuries. If they had heard these voices they would not have taken the vaccine. Alex’s devastating injuries from the AstraZeneca vaccine happened long before John took the Pfizer booster that caused his injuries. As [John] says, if he had heard about Alex’s experience in the Scottish press he would not have taken that booster. But Alex, and then John, were never given a platform to warn others.

Please help ensure as many people as possible hear the story of the injuries and their appalling experiences since.

Norman Fenton

This interview is also on Rumble and Bitchute.

Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion is subtitled in multiple languages on

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    Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome – racing heart upon change of body posture

Cardiac Episodes in Young Australians Explode Due to the mRNA Experiment

Thousands of young people, including children and babies are affected

According to information released as a result of a freedom of information request (because the public health authorities wouldn’t publish it otherwise)1, there has been an explosion of serious cardiac episodes in Australia since April 2021…

… disproportionally affecting young people, with emergency department presentations for 10 to 29 year olds almost doubling over the period March 2021 to Feb 2022…

Joel Smalley

Full article on Joel Smalley’s Substack.

Connecticut: Mom Of Teen Son Speaks After He Suffers Heart Condition Days After COVID-19 Vaccine

Correlation doesn’t prove causation so we can all safely dismiss these issues as mere coincidences. They’re nothing to worry about.1Sarcasm.

“I wouldn’t want any other parent to go through what we’ve been through,” said Rachel Hatton, after her 17-year-old son was diagnosed with a heart condition days after receiving the COVID vaccine.”

At least 18 teens and young adults in Connecticut have shown symptoms of heart problems after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, acting health commissioner Dr. Deirdre Gifford said Monday…

Hatton said her son started complaining of severe chest pain three days after his second dose. It worsened on the fourth day and led to back pain…

NBC Connecticut
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