Justin Trudeau Destroyed Canada to Extend Policies That Have Already Failed

According to data and chart guy, Ian Miller.

He seems to make a good case. What do you think?

(P.S. He’s not saying it out loud, but his charts of the Canadian provinces, and Iceland, are each “black swans“. Ordinarily in science just one black swan would vanquish a hypothesis. But despite there now being quite a flock of them disproving COVID policies, some people still religiously follow The ScienceTM… even as it destroys them, their families, friends… and countries.)

Ignore Sweden then and California now

Mainstream media and ‘experts’ predicted disaster for Sweden because it wasn’t doing the right things. They then ignored Sweden when it fared better than places which did precisely those things.

Conversely, they praised California for doing the right things – only to ignore it (and other inconveniences) when the right results didn’t emerge.

Almost as if truth doesn’t matter, but a certain narrative does.

If you haven’t time to read Miller’s pieces on Sweden1Somewhat dated from Sept 2021, but aging well and California, just look at the charts in each. They highlight the insanity of The ScienceTM we are meant to follow into the new normal.

California’s Failure Should End COVID Mandates… but it won’t

Ian Miller

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    Somewhat dated from Sept 2021, but aging well