More mask mischief

The ScienceTM just can’t help itself. Despite the glaringly obvious.

There is a new systematic review of 1732 mask studies to determine whether masks work. It is on a preprint server meaning it is not peer-reviewed.

Almost all of the 1732 potential studies were eliminated so they only looked at 13 studies with a total of 243 COVID infections between the two groups.

One of the 13 studies that was not eliminated was done in 2004 which is impressive since SARS-CoV-2 didn’t exist at the time.

From that, they conclude that masks provide nearly a 90% risk reduction of getting infected.

That is preposterous.

Steve Kirsch

More on masks: Tom Woods | Ian Miller1He’s done several mask articles | Swiss Policy Research2Direct link to aerosol demo video.

Still trust mask science?

Then try the Covid Charts Quiz.

Yes, the charts are pre-injections, so it is dated. But if they are effective you should still be able to spot the influence of masks (and lockdowns).

Shouldn’t you?