Proven again: ivermectin 72% effective in prevention of Covid-19 infection

The study conducted in 399 participants [all unvaccinated1See press release here.] met its primary efficacy endpoint with a reduction of 72% of COVID-19 infection in the group treated with daily oral administration of ivermectin compared to the placebo group 


Might this tempt Alex Berenson?

… I appeared on [Steve Kirsch’s] podcast few months ago. Near the end, he brought on Dr. Pierre Kory2That Vaccine Safety Research Foundation episode is here to tell me the virtues of ivermectin. I mostly just nodded and listened. When Dr. Kory or anyone else offers a good prospective randomized controlled trial proving ivermectin works, I’ll be happy to look at it.

Alex Berenson

But not all RCTs can be trusted as Dr. Pierre Kory outlines on Substack and here:

Plus, RCTs are costly – and ivermectin is now an off-patent, cheap, generic drug. So no attractive profit margin to motivate investment in an RCT.

Unless you intended a patented a way of delivering ivermectin?

The SAIVE study was conducted to support mdc-TTG program, whose objective is to provide prevention of Covid-19 infection for weeks or months with a single injection of a long-acting formulation of ivermectin based on MedinCell’s proprietary technology, BEPO®


Then you might fund an RCT (and be pleased with 72% efficacy)?3Archive

Even if this RCT persuades Alex Berenson “to look at it”…

… it will be a while. Because…

The company plans to share the final analysis of the study in a peer-reviewed publication at a later date.

Business Wire

Hmm. More ‘science by press release’.

Should we trust it?

Well… Michelle Walensky, CDC Director, was happy to go with CNN announcements about ‘vaccine’ efficacy.4From memory. If I find a video source I’ll link to it here.

So if CNN is good enough for the CDC boss, maybe we should run with the 72% efficacy finding of SAIVE study… even if we don’t have the full data or a peer-reviewed paper?!

Thanks to Igor Chudov for this news. Amazing to think ivermectin is more effective than the ‘vaccine’… how if deployed it might have saved 800,000 lives in the USA alone… and that the

Second-largest Democratic donor and the largest crypto thief Sam Bankman-Fried donated 18 million dollars to the Together trial after it falsely demonstrated a finding that Democrat-aligned Covid vaccine pushers wanted, namely that Ivermectin allegedly was useless.

Igor Chudov

More about ivermectin:

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