Dr. Paul Marik on why doctors aren’t speaking out

My friends … asked me incredulously, “Why would the medical community silence doctors who are trying to save lives?”

They didn’t believe my answer.

So I wanted to interview a doctor who is very highly respected and who is not an “anti-vaxxer” to explain it to them…

He regrets not having done his homework and trusting others when he took the shot. It was only after he looked at the data directly himself, he said the data was crystal clear…

[Dr.] Meryl Nass, like Dr. Marik, has been punished for speaking out.

Meryl Nass explains why most doctors did not speak out against the COVID-19 treatment protocol or even bother to look at the data: they trust the system…

“if [Fauci] creates a standard and that is the standard and you vary from it, if anything happens to your patient, you are liable to the charge of malpractice. If you use his standard and all the patients die, you can’t be sued because that’s the standard of care.”

Steve Kirsch

Dr. Marik interview on Rumble | Dr. Nass interview with Terry Gilberg


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