Why aren’t the vaccinated losing their jobs too?

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, police and more – once applauded as heroes for facing Covid daily for over 18-months, are now being fired.

From hero to zero overnight.

This begs a question:

“If the fully vaccinated can still get Covid and therefore can still spread it, then why aren’t they losing their jobs too?”

That’s just one of many questions which ought to make clear the absurdity of what’s being done in the name of Covid.

But chances are… especially if Professor of Psychology Mattias Desmet is right… the masses will keep on not noticing this kind of absurdity. The patent unfairness, the glaring injustice, will also go unremarked. As will the destruction of society and millions of lives – including their own.

“Mass formation” seems to be upon us. Totalitarianism is probably where it will bring us. If we collectively let it.

His interview with Jerm contains some frightening psychological insights.

Audio-only version available on JermWarfare.com