In The Midst Of Darkness, Light Prevails

Gold Standard Covid Science in Practice: An Interdisciplinary Symposium V

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Session I: The Fundamental Flaws of mRNA Vaccine Technology

session i extracts:

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: Why all mRNA vaccines will cause harm

Dr. Michael Palmer: Autoimmune-like Diseases Due to mRNA Vaccination – Accumulating Evidence

Brian Hooker: Health Outcomes of COVID-19 Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated

Dr. Meryl Nass: Vaccine ingredient problems you never heard about

Session ii: Legal Update: How to stop the shots?

session ii extracts:

Philipp Kruse: Criminal Complaint against SWISSMEDIC1Also

Ray L. Flores: Legal Update: How to Stop the Shot

Session II Panel Discussion (Philipp Kruse, Dr. Renate Holzeisen, and retired Paediatrician Dr. Ros Jones MD joined Ray L Flores)

Session iii: Getting Away from the Control Grid

Catherine Austin Fitts, Carolyn A. Betts, Sasha Latypova, Meryl Nass, John Titus, Corey Lynn

session iii extracts:

US Attorney John Titus: CBDC – Suicide Pill for Sovereignty

Sasha Latypova: Intent to Harm

Catherine Austin Fitts with Carolyn Betts MBA JD: Overriding Sovereignty with International Treaties and Organizations

Corey Lynn, investigative journalist and Attorney Carolynn A. Betts: Laundering with Immunity – The Control Framework

Session iv: Understanding Tactics of Oppression

With Taylor Hudák, Meryl Nass, Liz Evans, Daniel Broudy and Valerie Kyrie

session iv extracts:

Taylor Hudak: A Series on the Suppression of Doctors and Scientists During the COVID Crisis (Dr. Thomas Binder, Switerlan; followed by Aga Wilson talking with Dr. Ryan Cole, USA)

Dr. Meryl Nass and Dr. Liz Evans: Doctor hunting and fighting back 2Mentioned:

Daniel Broudy: The Psychology of Covid-19 Atrocities (Related article)

Session v: Remember Democracy

Wolfgang Wodarg, Catherine Austin Fitts, Polly Tommey, Meryl Nass

Closing Remarks