el gato makes a prediction

humans are funny creatures. you can lie to them, injure them, and impose insane and arbitrary rules upon them while forcing them to harm themselves and stunning numbers just sort of shrug it off.

you can show them all manner of harm and poor risk reward and biological phraud, and it rolls off like water from a duck’s back…

you can even outright damage people for life and they will be so raddled with stockholm syndrome that they will ramble that they would happily do it again, not even to “keep people safe” but so that “they could see people” in open and telling admission that they will gladly sacrifice freedom and bodily integrity upon the altar of “buying back a right to free association that should already have been inalienable” when faced with authoritarian pressure…

… but the funny things is somehow, despite all this, you show them a whiff of corporate financial impropriety and it’s suddenly

… the issues here have long been obvious. the mainstream has just been afraid to yank upon the yarn but with the populace just plain over covid and crazy covid rules and restrictions, deeply suspect of the new vaccines, and with many EU nations outright proscribing their use for the young and healthy, this sort of villain hunt is now not only palatable, but politically useful.

and my what threads we have to pull.

… this is going to unravel and heads will roll. those who got paid and then played so very hard are going to be in quite the bind.

“you approved these products on shoddy science then took bribes to make us take the jab and to suppress alternatives knowing full well that you were harming not helping us” is a REALLY bad look.

and so they will try to wriggle off the “knowing” part and at least plead down to “involuntary manslaughter” instead of “murder for hire.”

… the low energy path to save themselves will be accusing pfizer and moderna of fraud and trying to play the victim with protestations of “we wuz lied to!”

el gato malo

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