That the ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent transmission is far from news

However, Pfizer admitting they never even tried to test it is news…

… from the very beginning they had no idea if their “vaccine” prevented transmission or not…

The mainstream media has gone into revisionist history mode over this news, saying that nobody ever claimed the vaccines prevented transmission.

That is a complete and utter lie.


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    Albert Bourla is CEO of Pfizer

Marketing Monkeypox

Subtly bigging-it-up in the UK!

Two days ago The Off-Guardian drew attention to edits the National Health Service of the United Kingdom made to their Monkeypox page.1Using the Wayback Machine – one of many internet archive services. Here’s the NHS page before editing (Nov 2, 2021) and after (May 7, 2022).

Edits which mean Monkeypox now seems worse than it did before. Not dramatically worse. But still, worse.

Sound familiar?

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