Marketing Monkeypox

Subtly bigging-it-up in the UK!

Two days ago The Off-Guardian drew attention to edits the National Health Service of the United Kingdom made to their Monkeypox page.1Using the Wayback Machine – one of many internet archive services. Here’s the NHS page before editing (Nov 2, 2021) and after (May 7, 2022).

Edits which mean Monkeypox now seems worse than it did before. Not dramatically worse. But still, worse.

Sound familiar?

Covid started out with a few reports from China. Then a few other locations. At first it was going to be mild for the few who got it. But it might kill some of our more elderly or vulnerable. Then the ‘might’ faded away and soon the elderly and vulnerable were doomed. Then gradually it became all of us. We’re all equally doomed. Unless we surrender our human rights and do as our liars leaders tell us.

It’s called “mission creep”.

So will Monkeypox be incrementally hyped up from now on? Probably.2The Off-Guardian thinks so too.

The vaccines have been ready for some time it seems; just like the Covid tests kits were already being shipped in 2018. On Twitter, Eric Feigl-Ding is already hyping it as an aerosol spread (so he’ll probably start talking about masks and distancing soon).

The WHO need something new to scare people into accepting their global dictatorship pandemic treaty. So national media will no doubt start talking about growing numbers of cases while showing emotive images of pustules on hands and faces.

All jus coincidental of course. Nothing to see here.