October 1: Virginia Covid Management Public Forum

Really, nothing says “Trust The Science” like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years…

We’re now looking at the data – and it’s horrific.

Dr. Paul Marik (23:00)

Dr. Sheila Furey started the event by recapping the approach of Virginian authorities and highlighting their absence. She then introduced Dr. Paul Marik (16:10).

Dr. Paul Marik summarised the medical tyranny and the health catastrophe resulting from its lies. For example the 6.8% of the Covid-jabbed experiencing side-effects and trial participant Maddie de Garay‘s paralysis.

Dr. Robert Malone, introduced at 1:01:15, provided insight into the thinking of those pushing the injections. Also the distinction between natural and modified RNA; and the platform and the payload it’s delivering.

Q&A began at 1:59:40. Then from 2:18:00 on we heard from:

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