In case you thought getting more shots was a good idea…

Being Up-to-Date On COVID Vaccines Increases Chances of Covid by 33%, Cleveland Clinic Study Show

A new preprint is out entitled: “Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) among Those Up-to-Date and Not Up-to-Date on COVID-19 Vaccination” … concludes from a multivariate analysis of 48,344 individuals (Employees of Cleveland Clinic) that ‘those not “up-to-date” on COVID-19 vaccination had a lower risk of COVID-19 than those “up-to-date”’.

I can already hear the hit piece vultures circling and chanting: it’s not peer-reviewed. No it’s not, but read it anyway and ask yourself if this study has merit. Decide for yourself. Maybe my summary can help…

… they accounted for the fact that injection status can change per individual at any time (injection time), and at each injection (event) time, that current status of the individual is compared with the current values of all others who were at risk of COVID-19 at that time.

So they collected and compared two rates: incidence rate for ‘up-to-date’ and ‘not-up-to-date’…

… the risk of getting COVID-19 is lower if you are not up-to-date (red). As time progressed (from the end of January 2023), the disparity between the two groups becomes more apparent.

Jessica Rose

The study’s authors did an excellent job of weeding out confounding variables. For example, could it be that Covid-conscious, vaccine-loving people test for Covid more often? The following chart answers this question: while the propensity to test somewhat affects the likelihood of getting a positive test, it does not explain the difference.

The authors also point out that their results are not confounded by age. However, in a disturbing finding, the female sex is associated with a 24% higher chance of a COVID infection among the vaccinated people

Igor Chudov

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