Gotcha! Gleeful Tories knife Andrew Bridge

It appears that the political establishment has circled its wagons and decided it will make a stand against any and all who voice questions regarding Covid vaccine.  No gradual rolling back on vaccine efficacy or safety, but a doubling down on the dishonest propaganda that espouses the importance and essential need for the vaccine and ongoing vigilance, and acceptance of Government as the only source of truth for future emergencies (e.g. catastrophic climate change).

The expulsion of Andrew Bridgen is a shot across the bows of any other MPs who might consider raising their heads above the parapet. The claims of vaccine safety and effectiveness will be amplified, false data re-asserted as truth, and opposition quelled by any means.

This is authoritarianism coming out into the light, ready to use its recently found power over our lives. Over the last three years it has taken control over almost all aspects of our lives, and now it has decided it is going to go on the offensive to cement its position of dominance over the shaping of all our futures, and it will not be forced to relinquish its grip without drastic action by us, the electorate.

John Hale

Kathy Gyngell, editor at The Conservative Woman added:

Today was the day that Parliament showed itself to be a criminal conspiracy against the people of this country. It no longer represents the British people or their interests in any way at all and its main ambition appears to be no less than to enslave and impoverish us. This was a fuse lit in the 1945 General Election in the misguided belief that Marxist-Socialism would improve the lot of humanity. It has come to a head almost 80 years later in the strangling of free speech, the betrayal of medical autonomy, the imposition of state controls and the wanton destruction of the energy supply and economy. All of which, horrifyingly, has been rapidly progressed under the recent and current deceitful, in name only, Conservative administrations. The horrors we now face are worse than anything in 1984. Truly, lives will – as a result of government – become ‘nasty, brutish and short’. For too many, they already are.

Kathy Gyngell

I hope she and John are wrong.