Is the depravity of using kids as shields finally coming to an end?

Aug: Denmark stops COVID injections for u-18’s

… children under 18 will no longer be offered a covid vaccine and can only get one after a recommendation by a doctor.

Here’s the text from the Danish health authorities website.1Oisín: see answer to “Who, how, and where?” question 2.

Peter Imanuelsen

Sept: UK stops stops vaccinating 5-11 year olds

Apparently, vaccinating any child that now turns five ended in August without any announcements. Now that this one off-programme is ending, it seems that children will not be offered the Covid vaccination until they are 11 or 12.

Naked Emperor

Igor Chudov sees the UK change differently – and provides some public and World Economic Forum-backed reaction.

People mention this program as being “discontinued”. That benign sounding description is not quite exactly correct.

The correct statement is that in the UK, Covid vaccines were just BANNED for all children under 12. Not a single UK child under 12 is allowed to get any doses of Covid vaccines.

Igor Chudov

While young children are the topic, three reminders.

  1. Maddie de Garay
  2. #StopTheShots campaign
  3. 50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot2Amazing well-referenced.

Worth sharing at least one, if not all of those. Especially with parents.

Image by Bob Moran

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    Oisín: see answer to “Who, how, and where?” question 2.
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    Amazing well-referenced.