Support vaccine mandates?

“Look these people in the eyes and tell them…”

I strongly encourage you to watch this video and share it with everyone you know.

But you must be forewarned. The imagery is emotionally disturbing, so prepare yourself. However, we need to start looking at reality with eyes wide open…

The victims’ struggle, their pain, their deaths deserve to be acknowledged…

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Complicit in the coercion?

If so, please consider that… as rates of injuries and deaths rise, and live birth rates fall, the “I didn’t know” or “I was just doing my job” lines become less and less plausible.

Whether all this is part of a grand plan or just a horrible medical mishap is largely irrelevant.

What matters is that people are suffering and dying – and if YOU are involved in supporting that.

Celebrities, politicians, health agency officials, news anchors, doctors, nurses, academics and countless others pushed, shamed and threatened as many as they could into getting the shot, and everyone now needs to see what the result of that was and how these unsuspecting individuals around the world have suffered.

Dr. Joseph Mercola