We Are Being Gaslit

He is old enough to remember both “normal” and Cary Grant. His In memory of those who “died suddenly” series is growing. He has lectured in propaganda. So Professor Mark Crispin Miller is well able to spot pro-vaccine propaganda.

That propaganda serves (aims?) to undermine our trust in our perceptions of reality. The very essence of gaslighting.1Good intro article here.

More bio-fascist propaganda meant to NORMALIZE the current global plague of “sudden deaths” post-“vaccination”

As this unprecedented global spike in “sudden deaths” grows ever harder to conceal—with Ray Liotta, and TWO famous British drummers, Andy “Fletch” Fletcher of Depeche Mode, and Alan White of Yes, all having their untimely “unexpected deaths” reported just today—“our free press” struggles, ever more transparently, to make it seem as if this (real) pandemic isn’t happening.

They’ve been doing it for months, primarily by running scores of articles highlighting pseudo-scientific “findings” that all sorts of things can kill you and/or your children…

Mark Crispin Miller

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    Good intro article here.