The Psychology Of Totalitarianism

Earlier this year Zuby remarked1While interviewing Julie Ponesse on how modern humans seem to think our psychology has evolved beyond that of those who perpetrated the horrors of World War II.

WE could never fall for lies like the 1930’s Germans did. WE could never take part in, or go along with, the atrocities the German authorities orchestrated. Because WE have learned from history – and WE are different.

Truth is we have not – and we are not.

History shows totalitarianism keeps recurring. Each time both evolving and being adjusted to suit the nuances of the era – and the people. But the underlying phenomenon is the same: mass formation.

And freedom-loving, human-rights-respecting people can fall foul of mass formation too.

Professor Mattias Desmet and Dr. Robert Malone talked it all through with Kristi Leigh recently.

A conversation that deepened my understanding.