Clairvoyants anticipate Monkeypox

Some scientists, public health officials and philanthropists seem gifted.

At least the ones talking about preparedness and doing tabletop exercises.

Although they’re really bad at “keeping everybody safe,” the global guardians of “public health” are awfully good at prophecy

Mark Crispin Miller

Patrick Wood has also remarked on this amazing ability.

Wanting to maintain focus on the criminality of all this may be why Wood didn’t further comment on two aspects which stood out for me.

First, just like SARS-COV-2 was a ‘novel’ Corona virus, the prophecy mentions an ‘unusual strain’ of monkeypox sounds – again granting The ScienceTM plenty of wiggle room to invent whatever suits. So variations of, or completely new tests, treatments, restrictions and more could be added to those we’ve already allowed ourselves be subjected to.

Perhaps more chilling though is that maybe a ‘no regrets‘ approach might be inspired in, and by leaders and public this time. Will this mean more zealotry? If so, those who enjoy suffering for a cause, and seeing others suffer for it too, will have a ball.