A Citizens’ Hearing

Thought I was abreast of things. But missed this 3-day Canadian event.

June 22-24: lawyers, doctors, surgeons, professors journalists, family members, injection injured, indigenous, business owners, elected representatives, fired professionals (including Pfizer trial whistleblower Brook Jackson)… began the “historic documentation of Canadians negatively impacted by government responses to COVID-19

… we encourage you to consider the decisions you might have made, were you in these individuals’ shoes. How different would your life be, if you would have been confronted by their situations and had to face the challenges each of them faced as a result of their choices?


How moderator Trish Wood saw it:

The damage done to Canada and the world by experts in public health who focussed only on viral suppression is off the charts. Their blinkered approach was inhumane and even deadly, causing collateral damage to innocent citizens who trusted them.

One of the most depressing themes was developed by several doctors who separately recounted stories of being hit with propaganda, platitudes and mantra-type phrases when trying to advocate for patients. Governing medical bodies and public health used the safe and effective catchphrase to circumvent legitimate vaccine exemptions, protecting the shot instead of patients. Creating vaccine hesitancy was verboten, even if hesitating to take the jab was medically warranted based on easily calculable risk/benefit ratios. And as I write this, some G7 nations, including Canada have moved on to vaccinating young children without any proof of benefit. That sad fact was laid bare recently during a probing interrogation of Tony Fauci by Rand Paul. Sadly — this significant confession was barely mentioned by legacy media.

Trish Wood

The Epoch Times highlighted some testimonies:

… Phillips said a document from the public health agency says an adverse event is only counted as a vaccine injury when it occurs within 30 minutes after the injection…

[He] later publicized the letter, believing that people should know such adverse events are not being reported. But this and a series of events that followed eventually led to his licence being suspended in May by Ontario’s regulatory college for medical doctors. He was also prohibited from prescribing ivermectin…

… Payne, a pediatric neurologist from Alberta, told the panelists… that people who received two doses of the vaccine were more likely to be infected with the Omicron variant compared to those who just got one shot; starting in late March, people who got three shots became the most likely group to be infected…

Andrew Chen