If you were being propagandized would you know?

“Of course I would because…

  • propaganda is only done by the other side
  • my side are more ethical so they wouldn’t do it but even if they did
  • propaganda is always done like Hitler and Stalin did it, so I’d spot it.”

So you didn’t fall for the COVID, Ukraine, climate change and other narratives, then?

… we might consider that a shocking amount of what “we know” to be true is, in fact, only the consequence of clever messaging, effective persuasion strategies, truth-suppression, misinformation, twisted presentation of truth, and various other tactics used to create a faux “reality” that is in service of an agenda.

American Freedom Alliance ‘Propaganda Conference’. June 12th, Los Angeles

Educate yourself:

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Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: COVID-related Propaganda in Austria: A Case Study

Trevor Loudon: Russia’s Propaganda Offensive Against the West

Guy Milliere: The Propaganda War against Israel and its Geopolitical Consequences

Alex Newman: Creeping Propagandizing for an Unimaginable Future

James O’Keefe: Pulling the Veil off the Big Tech Propagandists

Patrick Wood: Infiltration of Pseudo-Realities Practically Everywhere

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Dr. Naomi Wolf – Propaganda: Use and Deceit as Instruments of Tyranny