Now your private messages

Jessica Rose was recently censored on Twitter.1The comments there show she’s far from alone Steve Kirsch was prevented from asking certain questions by Google.

Alex Berenson., Dr. Robert Malone, Bret Weinstein and others have also had their public posts censored.

But David Thunder’s recent run in with Linkedin reveals private messages are in the cross-hairs too.

A safer world

Always the justification. But the bad cat warns…

they invite you to grant the power to take away rights you care about by first establishing the ability and practice of doing so against someone you find unsympathetic.

they take a right you do not value the exercise of to set up the later taking of one you do by rendering it non-absolute and open to violation “if you have a good reason.”

and thus the precedent is set, the slope is slippery, and the push is coming.

it always is.

no pretext for the abrogation of rights is ever used only once.

el gato malo

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    The comments there show she’s far from alone