Covid Jab Lowers Sperm Count

Maybe temporarily. Maybe not.

… the much hailed “100% effective” Covid jabs are not fairing very well at all.

In fact, beyond ‘mere’ heart attacks, every single one of them has either had to issue a warning against use to large parts of the population (Astrazeneca), withdrawn over a million vials from the market due to “foreign contaminants” (Moderna) had its regulatory recommendation rescinded (Johnson & Johnson), or had to be taken to court to force them to publish data showing 1200 deaths in the first three months of trial use (Pfizer).

Now it appears that the Covid jabs mess with our sperm count. Yes, you read that correctly.

Maajid Nawaz

In his article Nawaz cites some Twitters by Dr. Doug Corrigan and Dr. Cartland fan account. If you read nothing else, scroll down and read those.

The recent drop in the German birth rate is noteworthy.