Lawyers Helping to Let Doctors Be Doctors

In January and February last there were some important ‘wins’ for medical freedoms in the United States. In that some states were moving to let doctors doctor, and mainstream media carrying word that vaccinees get sick and/or die more frequently than their vaccine-free counterparts.

Pierre Kory outlined some of them.

A growing number of state Attorneys General – Nebraska, Louisiana, South Carolina and now Oklahoma – are moving to protect physicians’ ability to use off-label prescribing in the treatment of COVID-19. In his encouraging public statement, Oklahoma’s Attorney General John O’Connor said his office would not allow medical boards to prevent doctors prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. “I stand behind doctors who believe it is in their patients’ best interests to receive ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.”

This is a huge win for doctors and patients.

… relentless pro-vaccine propaganda and anti-vaccine censorship in media, social media, and medical journals has shielded from the American people data that has been apparent to a growing number of scientists and critically thinking citizens for over a year now.

These nefarious and anti-American tactics have been insanely successful given the average citizen (and physician) has no idea that the the vaccinated now contract Omicron at higher rates than the unvaccinated, the vaccinated are provably dying from all causes more than the unvaccinated, and in Israel, the vaccinated are dying from COVID like never seen before in the pandemic, suggesting that the dreaded (but not unexpected) phenomenon of “antibody dependent enhancement” is occurring. The most damning proof comes out of the life insurance company data showing a historically unprecedented rise in death claims among Americans 18-64 which began exactly at the start of Quarter 2 in 2021..and keeps rising. 

Pierre Kory