Why haven’t you…?

People rarely ask questions with a genuine desire to understand. Instead they are often looking for reassurance about their own views, an opportunity to vent, to catch you out, start an argument, etc.

In such cases your answer is supposed to be brief – so they can quickly move in their anticipated direction. This seems especially the case around Covid injections.

Giving more than one reason throws a spanner in the works.

.. and Dr. Simon Goddek forwarded some extra reasons a private Telegram user shared:

Passes based on healthy living?

It is a puzzler isn’t it?

For about 18 months now politicians, public health officials, scientists, doctors, nurses and others in the mainstream media have barely mentioned the health benefits of:

  • optimal mineral, vitamin and amino acid levels;
  • optimal weight and body fat levels;
  • maintaining muscle mass as we age;
  • wholesome food;
  • regular exercise;
  • sound sleep;
  • meaningful relationships;
  • fun and relaxation;
  • peace of mind;
  • time outdoors in fresh air…

No sign of them pushing to mandate even just one of those health boosters.

No sign of them pushing to make our freedoms conditional on carrying proof we are up to standard on even just one of those health boosters.

Think of all the hospital beds we’d no longer need… the reduced numbers of medical tests, chemotherapies, surgeries etc.,… the much lighter burden on the sickness health system… if we forced people into healthy living by threatening their jobs, their education, their religious practice, their social choices etc if they couldn’t prove they had complied with government health requirements.

How come our glorious leaders aren’t pushing for that kind of ‘health pass’?

How come they aren’t nudging1If one can call terrorising people ‘nudging’ us into demanding that kind of ‘health pass’?

You will come up with your own answers. But here’s one to ponder:

If politics really think that a health passport is necessary, why couldn’t it be based on healthy eating and sports activities? Obesity rates and COVID-related deaths would probably drop like a stone. So would the revenues of the global vaccine market, which answers the question.

Dr. Simon Goddek (on Telegram; here’s his website)
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    If one can call terrorising people ‘nudging’