May 22nd: We the People 50 Recall the Shots Initiative Testimony in Idaho, Washington County

Laura Demaray organised Janci Lindsay, PhD, Peter McCullough MD, Ryan Cole, MD, James Thorpe, MD and Sasha Latypova to testify in support of a proposed resolution to ban the shots under Idaho bioweapons prohibition laws.

[“We The People 50, Recall The Shots” is an initiative taking place at local level in the USA. A bottom up approach to ending the shots. You can keep an eye on it through Sasha Latypova’s Substack. Here’s her affidavit submission to the project.]

After 2.5 years working more than full time on trying to stop the government atrocity, I came to the realization that this is not going to be prosecuted at the federal level. The criminals do not investigate or prosecute themselves. There is a faint hope that at least some state level AGs1Attorneys General can step up, but it is quite faint at the moment. I believe we have to fight for every town and county. The good news it is not difficult to get a hearing at a county level. We have brought a team of experts to this meeting at a small county in Idaho. We plan to continue going to any commissioner meeting that will let us in the door, and there are many! Reach out if you can organize a hearing.

Sasha Latypova

The resolution is quite a read. Here’s a snippet:

Draft county resolution:

Proposed Idaho Counties Halt and Recall of Genetic Biologic “Vaccine” Platform Technology Resolution:

WHEREAS  Idaho residents have been injured by Genetic Biologic “Vaccine” Platform technology making it more injurious than any other vaccine mechanism in US history with 31 deaths and 94 permanent disabilities, 33 cases of myocarditis in the State of Idaho.  The total deaths are underreported at over 35,000 deaths, 65,670 permanently disabled and 26,897 myocarditis/pericarditis, since their release in 2021, according to VAERS CDC database

WHEREAS the mRNA platform technology shots must be recalled and investigated due to the egregious number of adverse events, disabilities, and deaths to adults and children.  Adversely affecting children in the womb, it increases rates of miscarriages, and adversely affects women’s menstruation and fertility.

WHEREAS multiple labs demonstrate that both the Pfizer and Moderna’s misbranding and adulteration of consumer products, substandard products, and substandard and underpowered clinical trials violate Consumer Product Protection statutes and informed consent as well as multiple other laws that regulate pharmaceutical safety in the State of Idaho.

WHEREAS the mNRA technology shots are adulterated with over a thousand times the allowable level of DNA from the DNA plasmids used to make the shots in E. Coli bacteria…

Sasha Latypova |

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