Stop The Shots, or we must see you in court

Dr Faan Oosthuizen, a veteran GP, distressed by C19 injection injuries he is seeing, sent his notice letter, with the timeframe for the minister to respond being today, 14 December 2022. It is unlikely that the [health] minister… will do anything to protect the health and lives of our children.

If there is no cease and desist, based on the injuries conscientious health care workers see, and reports to the independent adverse effects reporting system SA VAERS show – a committed group, including Dr Oosthuizen, Dr EV Rapiti, scientist Fahrie Hassan, I, lawyer Riekie Erasmus and Advocate Sabelo Sibanda and others, will launch an urgent application to defend the health, lives and rights of South African residents…

The letter to the health minister Dr Joe Phaahla reads… [click here]

I must highlight that the under reporting factor (URF) in a country with South Africa’s socio-economic conditions will be far higher than other countries. In other words, adverse effects reports must be multiplied by a factor of far higher than 31 (average URF calculated by Dr Jessica Rose).

Call for Support

a. If you are a South African resident who has experienced or is experiencing negative effects after taking the C19 shot, please report to both: [AND to SAHPRA and the Department of Health.]

* Remember to copy [email protected] in communications to SAHPRA and the DOH. This way, SA VAERS can work to or help to ensure you are not ignored by government.

b. If you want to donate monthly or once off towards the costs of this critical court case, please use the specific reference #VAECA . NPC bank details: Transformative Health Justice. Standard Bank. Account number: 1016 140 7062.

c. If you are working in honest media, or you know an ethical platform that will not censor survivors, please connect with us through: [email protected]

d. If you’d like to send us useful evidence or research, OR, you’d like to volunteer to support the SA VAERS project, please email: [email protected]

* If you can do none of the above, leave an inspiring comment that we will share with the brave people reporting to SA VAERS, who desperately need support, motivation, and hope.

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

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