Pfizer executive’s Freudian slip has given the vaccine game away

One week on. Legacy media silent. But multiple independent journalists have covered it. This angle stood out.

… Pfizer executive Janine Small’s incoherent answer to Dutch MEP Robert Roos began: ‘Regarding the question around did we know about stopping immunisation before it entered the market? No [laughs].’

Few seem to have noticed this apparent slip by Small. Being flustered, she may have simply used the wrong word – ‘immunisation’ rather than ‘transmission’. Arguably, she may have meant what she said.

… Covid-19 vaccines were initially presented as a double dose. Then new variants emerged, and a booster was pushed. In the UK the fifth dose is currently being offered. Is this an emergent process, responding to incidence and immunity patterns, or is it planned?

After the Pfizer vaccine came out in December 2020, the EU signed a contract with the company for an incredible 4.5billion doses. For a population of 450million, that’s ten vials per person. In the UK the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson proudly announced his pre -purchase of 350million doses – some seven each for the adult population. A further purchase of 114million doses was announced by Sajid Javid, the then Health Secretary, just one year later. 

This raises important questions. Why did the EU and the UK commit so much money to a vaccine that had not completed trials and therefore its impact on infection and transmission were unknown? Why weren’t European citizens told that they would be expected to take all of these injections?…

My inference is that Ms Small accidentally let loose the terrible truth that Pfizer does not want immunity to Covid-19. This is not a wild conspiracy theory: it is now known that repeated jabs raise the risk of infection, and that the only remaining selling point is the claimed reduction in symptoms…

Niall McCrae