Outlining methodology? Inviting feedback?? In advance???

That’s not how The ScienceTM is supposed to be done. We cannot blindly follow, with trusting faith, what we can see clearly.

Whatever is the man thinking?!

“All-cause deaths by date of occurrence, age and sex, England, 2014 – 2022”

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to write the third and final piece of this series of mortality analyses on England…

… was going to include a detailed section on methodology in the analysis but… thought I would give it its own article here instead…

I think it is really important to be transparent in methodology if my analyses are to be considered credible.

As such, I also welcome feedback on it and hope you look forward to seeing the final analysis as much as I look forward to writing it! It will include the vax data where we can examine any temporal correlations and compare the data before and after the serial jabbing.

Joel Smalley