getting canceled by twitter made me more optimistic than ever about free speech

the enemies of free speech and human agency are making a serious mistake, and as sun-tzu advises us, we should not interrupt them.

every time they crack down and play dirty and place ever-more-visible thumbs ever more prominently upon the scales, they are driving more and more people into the “let’s get out of here” camp.1The recent Birx admissions and some FOIA requests expose the extent of their foul play. Oisín.

every time they slant facts and deny access, they are undermining their own foundations, both morally and financially, and thereby inviting adaptation away from their pretty prisons.

… we should not impede this; we should put our shoulders in and move it forward. we need not topple today’s edifices, merely step away from them. in the end, they need us, not we them.

el gato malo, may 2021

The censorship continues this year. Children’s Health Defense are the latest example – courtesy of Facebook and Instagram.

bastyon: one of the new routes?