Ya gotta admire “The Science”

For its relentless pursuit of whatever objective it’s been given – regardless of the risks or damage to people.

Dr. Jessica Rose has cited a few instances based on what she’s finding in the released Pfizer safety documents. (I highly recommend subscribing to her Substack email list.)

Article: I don’t know what to say…

… 3 times more AEs[Adverse Events] reported overall in the drug arm than placebo arm. 2.7 times more SEVERE AEs reported overall in the drug arm. AND THEY KEPT GOING.

… 2.7 times higher rate of Facial paralysis in the mRNA arm than the placebo. AND THEY KEPT GOING?

… 1.4 times as many Thrombotic/Embolic AEs reported for our elders in the drug arm. Don’t hug grandma. I am so pissed.

… Same number of deaths reports for drug versus placebo. AND THEY KEPT GOING.

Jessica Rose, February 2nd 2022

Article: Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity studies were NOT done because…

… the genetic material and the fats were not expected to have genotoxic, carcinogenic or tumorigenic potential.

Just if you’re interested, phototoxicity, dependence, metabolite, impurity and ‘other’ studies were also not conducted in the context the BNT162b2 product.

Futhermore, no Safety Pharmacology, no Secondary Pharmacodynamic and no Pharmacodynamic Drug Interaction studies were done.

Jessica Rose, March 19th 2022

Bless those scientists, their funders and regulators. Somehow they manage to keep going regardless of the consequences of their endeavours.

Admirable. Truly admirable.1Sarcasm.

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