Suppressing Dissent

Tommy named this episode “Suppressing Dissent” – belying the richness and wisdom of this conversation with Dr. Robert Malone and Mikki Willis.

With humour, clarity and real-life anecdotes they discuss the dangers of suspicion, gossip and rumour… deliberate use of language as a weapon to divide… standing for our principles – even alongside people we might disagree with… trusting… and why open hearts are the only way to reach the persuadable 60%.

… this was a beautiful episode.

Tommy’s Podcast

Mentioned: “Our Birthright”

Dr. Robert Malone: Substack | GETTR

Mikki Willis: | Rumble 

I’m not the only one with sleep difficulties

Tommy, Dr. Jessica Rose and Matthew Crawford seem to struggling too… and no wonder.

The data from the VAERS1Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System; summarised here, EU and UK2Yellow Card; summarised here systems are clearly showing the ‘vaccine’ is killing and injuring like no other medical product. Then there’s the World Economic Forum plans for us and what Artificial Intelligence might do.

Sleeping issues should be expected.

Laughter, probably not.

But it might help.

  • 1
    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System; summarised here
  • 2
    Yellow Card; summarised here

Mass Formation Psychosis

Since Dr. Robert Malone talked about it with Joe Rogan, “Mass Formation Psychosis” has been trending on the web. So much so that it appears Google deemed it a threat to ‘the narrative’ and manipulated search results for it.

In this podcast Dr. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough join Tommy in a wide ranging discussion covering (amongst other things):

  • how the psychosis is emergent but can also be induced
  • does Mass Formation Psychosis need a rebrand?
  • religious faith or Socratic “out of the box” thinking protect from this psychosis?
  • the higher the level of education, the higher the susceptibility
  • were Socrates, Galileo and Lister victims of Mass Formation Psychosis tendency to ‘cancel’ those who don’t go along?
  • there is a remedy… but it’s not about convincing people or returning to the old normal