I Will be Powering Down my Phone for Today’s Emergency Drill. Here’s Why

Irishman David Thunder (researcher and lecturer of political philosophy at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain) didn’t participate. Wonder if many in the UK will do the same this Sunday?

The Government of Navarra (an autonomous region of Spain where I live) is running an emergency alert drill for all cellphones in the region at 1pm Spanish time today (Thursday, 20th April)…

Good luck to them.

For my part, I will be powering down my phone and disconnecting my laptop from the web between 12:50pm and 1:30pm today to make sure I am not included in this drill. This is the same government that confined us to our homes to confront the “emergency” of a respiratory virus in early 2020, required us to wear masks in parks, shops, and restaurants, mandated an experimental vaccine for health workers, and excluded those of us who refused their experimental shot from bars and restaurants, in response to the “Covid emergency.”

If you, like me, see these sorts of measures as one of the most catastrophic and abusive over-reactions to an “emergency” in modern history, then you will probably not be surprised that I have no interest in legitimating their little “emergency drill” with my participation…

The reason I refuse to participate in this drill at this time, is because the authorities that are running it have forfeited their right to be trusted to honestly and competently declare emergencies without stoking up needless panic and fear in the population. I simply no longer trust these people to tell me when I need to run for cover. In fact, I am more afraid of them than I am of any emergency they might declare.

David Thunder