The Tragic Consequences of believing Anti-Science

Oisin’s take: scared people can be lethal (especially if deriving psychological security from just following orders) and those stoking the fear have a lot to answer for. This death, a case in point.

I try not to write about anyone who has died because if it was my family member I would not want to read any speculations about their death. However, in this case I feel that justice has not been given a chance and therefore it needs highlighting.

The tragic story begins on 10 May 2020. Stephanie Warriner, who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) attended Toronto hospital because she was struggling to breath[e]…

Sadly, Stephanie died on 27 May, 16 days after the incident…

… lost her life because of anti-science. Anti-science, together with fear, made people believe that the world would end if a piece of cloth was not worn on one’s face correctly. It also gave the power-hungry an excuse to target people who were just minding their own business.

Naked Emperor

If it wasn’t for the video footage, I’d not believe this story. It’s not what one expects from the (supposedly) most intelligent creature on earth.