Time to De-Stigmatize the Word “Anti-Vaxxer”

Cartoon by JermWarfare.com

My point in showing Jerm’s cartoon is not to educate in how to defeat an innocent. Rather to suggest we can ‘win’ against the globalists by disempowering the language being deployed to divide us. One encounter at a time.

Perhaps keep that in mind as you read Chudov’s encouragement.

Many of us have been so bombarded with official derision towards “ignorant anti-vaxxers”, that we do not want to identify as such.

I understand that. I am human too. But we need to take an emotional and intellectual leap into acceptance of us being anti-vaxxers and we need to reclaim that term, that we should carry with pride. …

We do need to separate the meaning of the word anti-vaxxer — meaning opposition or skepticism towards at least one vaccine or some vaccine mandates — from the ridicule, stigma, and fear whipped up by the official press and media.

We are critical thinkers. We have survived the psyop of the last two years and retained our ability to think and resist fear and demonization. We never agree 100% with each other because we do not need to show a fake consensus. Our strength is in the variety of our opinions, not in pretending that we know everything and that we agree on every little thing, or “represent science”.

That is why we are winning, this is why mandates are being lifted, kids 0-11 Covid vaccine is banned in the UK, and this is why prominent vaccine shills now say that “anti-vaxxers own the Internet”.

igor Chudov