Young Canadian doctors dying

All shortly after the jab

Some in clusters.

But officials, experts and fact-checkers say they died from other causes, not the shots. So nothing to worry about.

What a relief!

Plus, anecdotes like these prove nothing.

A fair, logical point.

But if we apply that logic in the other direction…

When I looked for anecdotes that are opposite to this one (where it was the unvaxxed who were being injured or dying), I couldn’t find any.

It’s up to the fact checkers now to produce hundreds of extreme reverse anecdotes (e.g., Wayne Root’s wedding anecdotes, but where ONLY the unvaccinated were dying and injured).

Steve Kirsch

(Kirsch’s stack is entitled “14 doctors…” but then talks about 15. I believe that’s because it was updated after initial publication.)

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