Vitamin D story shows (yet again) that this is not about health

News of safe and effective medications and supplements is being blocked or hampered. Those who champion them are too. So the public aren’t learning about hudroxychloroquin, ivermectin, fluvoxamine, zinc, quercetin, vitamin C… or other things that could help end the pandemic.

We can add Vitamin D to the hampered list too.

Dr. Gareth “Gruff” Davies and Dr. Linda Benskin recently talked with Bret Weinstein on The Darkhorse Podcast about their experience trying to share the good news about Vitamin D. Their efforts, backed by 220 well-qualified signatories,, has been ignored worldwide.

For over a year.

Listening to their experience of censorship, double-standards, shoddy counter studies, editorial interference and more it is hard to believe that the never-ending Covid chaos is merely down to incompetence.

Listening to Weinstein calmly acknowledging he’d been wrong about Vitamin D and is now less dumb than he used to be, I find myself wishing other scientists, public health officials and ministers would display the same integrity and humility.

The pandemic would be over in days.