Keeping Sane

Just after the inaugural Better Way Conference (May 20-22), Neil Oliver joined Bret Weinstein for a chat about the bigger picture.

Short on time…?

Bret extracted some clips…

Has something like this happened before?

(7:13) Every piece has, but not the sum total. Ratio of conspiracy to emergent. Emergent is a moron in the face of novelty.

How will people react to COVID revelations?

(14:18) Institutions captured. Terrifying grief is survivable. Incredible company in the foxhole!

Profound interactions with the public

(3:40) If it happened just once… but people from the other side of the planet… it’s a joy!

Consequences for not doing the “right thing”

(15:07) Aggression. Deliberately NOT understandable. Vaccine – gun safety analogy. Ivermectin blocked.