If size matters…

… this will be hard to beat!

I don’t know how convoy lengths are measured. Is it simply a matter of counting the trucks and combining their lengths?

Assuming each was 25m long then it suggests some 2,800 trucks were needed to make up yesterdays 70km convoy.

And there’d have to be 6,000 involved now to make up today’s 150km total.


Guess we’ll find out when the various convoys all converge on Ottawa.

We’ll also find out what Spotify think of free speech soon. Or at least what they think of bullying. Because Neil Young seems to be saying they either dump Joe Rogan or him.

That’s ballsy Neil. Comparing your value to Spotify with what Rogan brings them. Good luck with that.

Good luck too with your thinning fan base. Because many who value free-speech and don’t like bullying are now dumping you.

Thanks Jessica for the update – and the trucker video.