Dying suddenly in sleep or from a run

Today Dr. Jessica Rose published a Substack outlining the role of adrenaline in triggering sudden deaths post-covid-injections.. Especially when it rises during:

– exercise or
– sleep (naturally, 3:00-6:00am).

Two punch knock-out: shot-induced heart scarring and adrenaline

The connection between the shots and the adrenals

As part of bio-distribution and accumulation studies, it was discovered that the LNPs1Lipid Nanoparticles traffic to and accumulate at high concentrations in the adrenal glands. They stopped measuring after 48 hours and it is unknown if the concentrations would have kept increasing…

So the question becomes, what are the effects of this? Could the adrenals become dysfunctional and produce undesirable adrenaline surges? … I can’t think of a reason why some kind of ‘disturbance’ to ‘normal functioning’ wouldn’t ensue. It would be like throwing a bunch of sand into a dough mixture, wouldn’t it? The bread wouldn’t work.

Dr. Jessica Rose

What is VAERS2Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System saying?

I looked in VAERS for ‘Adrenal insufficiency’, ‘Dysautonomia’, and ‘Autonomic nervous system imbalance’ and ‘Cortisol decreased’ found 3,332 reports.

… when the counts are normalized to shot administration number per age group, it is interesting how the 18-24 age group has the highest frequency of reports per 100,000 doses. And yes, I know. The numbers are tiny. But the pattern is there.

Dr. Jessica Rose
“AE” = Adverse Events. “CDC” = Center for Disease Control

Read in full on her Substack.

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    Lipid Nanoparticles
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    Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System